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An All-in-one Software.

POSTOP Studies combines easy study forms creation, intuitive data entry, and automated statistical analyses in a single tool.

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A Study Platform.

POSTOP Studies manages all your projects on a unique platform : personal studies, multi-center studies, and third-party studies.

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Your Personal Database.

POSTOP Studies gathers data from all your studies in a single clinical database, structured and available for real-time statistical analyses.

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POSTOP Studies key points
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Simple and intuitive.

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Automated and evolutive.

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Versatile and secured.

Data Protection and Confidentiality


Data Access

POSTOP Studies® controls users identifiers (Practitioner, Assistant, ...) to give a restricted access to data and secure statistical results.

Data Securing

All entered data is encrypted and stored in your information system. Data exchanged for multi-center and third-party studies is fully anonymized.

Discover our values

Tailored for surgeons

POSTOP Studies® is specially designed for surgeons. Its simple and intuitive interface brings efficiency and reactivity, for a real-time feedback on your data.